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Broomfield Republican Women Scholarship


Thank you for your interest in our scholarship program. The Broomfield Republican Women have been active in Broomfield since 1961. The purpose of our scholarship is to help women further their education and increase their awareness of political events that affect future generations. The scholarship is made possible by dedicated Republican Women who do fundraising and accept donations throughout the year. Two scholarships will be awarded which are not to exceed $500 each for the 2018-2019 academic year. If you have questions about the scholarship or application, please contact:

Marian Abboud –, 303 945 9954, or cell 303 378 7613

Scholarship Criteria:
Applicant must be female and demonstrate Republican or community activities.
Applicant must be a registered Republican if 18, or have one parent that is a registered Republican if under 18
Applicant must be in her senior year of a Broomfield high school.
Funds must be used at an accredited domestic college, university or technical institute, including on-line programs. The payment will be sent directly to the selected college/university for application to the students account.
Applicant must be sponsored by an active member of Broomfield Republican Women including a written recommendation by the sponsor, (Attach to the application). An interview with a BRW member can be arranged for a letter of recommendation. Please call Marian Abboud (contact information above) to arrange an interview.
Applicant must provide at least one teacher or supervisor recommendation for consideration. (Attach to the application)

BRW Scholarship App 2018

Learn more about the history of the scholarship

The Broomfield Republican Women scholarship began in the name of one our most illustrious members, Pat Walthers. Pat was a teacher in the Boulder Valley School District and taught 1st through 6th grades from 1973 through 1981. She was also the Chaplain for BRW for many years, bringing her creativity and sincere passion to our invocations. We would like to tell you a little something about this wonderful woman. Pat Walthers was born in London on April 30th 1930, and later that year moved to the Philippines with her parents where her brother and sisters were born. Life was good in the Philippines until that “Day of Infamy”, December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and also invaded Manila the following month. In February 1942, the Japanese rounded up all the American and European nationals and interned them at Camp Santo Tomas. Pat and her family were prisoners’ of war until February 3, 1945, when American soldiers liberated them. Shortly thereafter, they were placed on a transport ship bound for California. The voyage took 37 days, sailing a circuitous route in order to avoid any Japanese submarines that might be lurking in that part of the Pacific, unaware, or unwilling to accept, that the war was over. What a glorious day it was when they finally reached California and FREEDOM once again!! Pat’s love of teaching and her extraordinary dedication to her craft and to her students makes this scholarship possible.